Ensuring the ease and use of your pool and spa, are the controls and chemical automation systems. Here is a complete listing of our services offered for both pools and spas all of which are vital for your swimming pools repair.


Spa Chemical Automation

  • Salt systems: Power units, salt and salt cells T Cells
  • Chlorine / Bromine: In line, Off line, Floating Chlorinator
  • Ozonator: Ozone bulbs Ozone unit, check valve,
  • Ionizer: Anodes, copper, silver and power units

Spa Automation and Controls

  • Computerized: Electronic / Computerized control system, PC boards, pressure switches, temperature sensors, topside controls and high limit switches
  • Mechanical: Air button, contactor, high limit switch, pressure switch, thermostats, timeclock, relays, wiring, sensors

Pool Chemical Automation

  • Salt Systems: Power units, transformers, salt systems and salt cells
  • Chlorinators: Automatic, off line, in line and chlorine check valves
  • Ozone Generator: Ozone bulbs, ozone unit, tubing, check valves
  • Ionizer: Anodes, power units

Pool Automation and Controls

  • Computerized: Electronic and computerized control systems, remote controls, PC Boards, WIFI and radio controls
  • Timeclocks: Digital, mechanical