A peaceful ambience is essential in creating a relaxing environment which both lifts your spirits and eases the tension of your daily routine. Properly placed lighting in working order is essential to set that mood. When you come home and are ready to relax in comfort make sure your lighting that shows off your sense of style. Pool repair and spa maintenance will allow you to treat your backyard like a resort, all within the comfort of your home!

The benefit of a well-lit water feature doesn’t have to be a distant memory from an almost forgotten vacation. You don’t have to leave home to enjoy the ambience of a beautiful resort once you learn how to properly light and maintain your own home spa or pool. Relax in the most beautiful surroundings right in your own backyard!

Now that the mood is set it’s time to enjoy the warmth and the soak in the bubbles! Time spent in your home spa has tremendous healing powers:

  • Pools, hot tubs and spas offer quality family time for relaxation as well as exercise.
  • Improved mobility is another benefit with relief from arthritis and reduced muscle tension and relief of muscular pain because a relaxing spa rehabilitates and rejuvenates muscles.
  • A bubbly soak will also boost the immune system, help with detox, relieve stress and a reduction in stress equates to a reduction in all illness.
  • Aids in all areas of physical activity by lowering blood pressure for overall improved health.
  • Soaking in a hot tub a few hours prior to bedtime has been proven to make relaxing into a good night’s sleep much easier.

Electrical Services

The electrical system of your pool or portable spa is one of the most important items when it comes to the safety of the poeple using your pool or spa. When your pool or spa was built or installed, the electrical system should have been inspected and approved by a city or county building inspector. In order for you and your family to enjoy a safe swimming experience your electrical sysetm must have been installed and maintained correctly. You should be testing the GFCI breakers monthly, if applicable, and have your electrical system inspected for damage, loose wiring and broken conduit on a regular basis, to ensure safe operation. Advantage Spa & Pool can perform these important inspections.

Portable Spa Electrical

Electrical System: Breakersdisconnects, GFCI’s, switches, wiring, conduit, bonding


Pool Electrical

Electrical System: Breakers, GFCI’switches, wiring, conduit, bonding

Lighting services

Spa and pools lighting: Trouble shoot for repair or replacement of existing lighting and installation of new fixtures and controls.